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Gepflegtes Rollenspiel rund um den kriechenden Wahnsinn

The Black Book from St. Mungo

Untitled black book – in English, translated from the original Ghoulish by persons unknown, age unknown. 

The black goatskin book does not appear to have any title or inscription of any kind. The leather cover is, however, indented and impressed in a way that could be meaningful in some unknown manner. The pages inside are made of thick, almost bark-like paper that has yellowed over time. Bizarre lettering of jagged and triangular shapes fills each page, and underneath it is an English translation in faded black ink. 

Skimming the book will take eight hours. In addition to a number of magic spells, the book tells the history of a ghoul colony that through ‘dream travel’ ultimately discovered a means of entering the Dreamlands. Therein, they uncovered the bones and dried flesh of creatures far older and more powerful than any on Earth. So rich was the feasting there that they never returned and were never heard from again. 

A spell entitled ‘The Voyager’s Song’, which allows for the mass transportation of ghouls—willingly or unwillingly—to the Dreamlands is included in the book.

-The Voyagers’ Song-

By means of this spell, every ghoul within a 2 mile radius will be magically transported to the Dreamlands. The spell creates a vast shimmering globe of power to extend out from the caster(s) for two miles in every direction. 

The spell must be cast out of doors under a night sky. The spell requires 30 magic points—this expense can be shared amongst the casters—and costs each participant 1D3 Sanity points. 

The ‘song’ must be chanted for twelve minutes as the clock strikes midnight without interruption or the spell will fail. After the twelfth minute, the globe will fade and the ghouls will fade out from our reality and fade into the Dreamlands.  The song that must be sung is as follows and should be intoned slowly and deliberately:

Uhhrkurg girreggah wuul girreggah

Rharrerra fuuhrugg fuuhrugg graowgachar

Gur kurreg gur kurreg chrach oorrech

Hri ur fechech howuuff grigorr aghourr

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