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Gepflegtes Rollenspiel rund um den kriechenden Wahnsinn

Rev. Dr W. J. Grimond

Minister of Glasgow Cathedral

The Very Reverend Doctor Walter James
Age 56, Harried Minister
STR 10  DEX 11  INT 15  CON 11
SIZ 11  APP 13  POW 16  EDU 16
SAN 21  Hit Points: 11
Damage Bonus: +0
Skills: Art (Music) 27%, Bargain 15%, Latin 45%,
Library Use 39%, Natural History 43%, Oratory 76%,
Persuade 45%, Psychology 27%, Theology 84%

Appearance: The Very Reverend Doctor Grimond, or just Reverend Grimond, is a pleasant man in his late fifties with thin grey hair and a closecut, silvery beard. He wears round wire-frame glasses that slightly accentuate his hazel eyes—eyes which are,however, bloodshot from lack of sleep. The smile lines around his mouth and eyes show that he’s a man prone to smiling and laughter, but not of late. He is a soft-spoken and gentle man, but his voice has acquired an edge due to the pressure he is under. Nonetheless, he is a kind man, and will seek to help anyone who comes to him in need.