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Generalschlüssel zur Titanic

R.M.S. TITANIC: White Star Line company key and ring with brass tag stamped „SERVICE FORd „E“ Deck“. This highly important artifact was a master service key for access to the forward portion of E Deck, which provided Stone access to the crew-only passage ways of the ship. Stone would have made frequent use of this key in the course of his duties to his First Class passengers. Stone could have also used the key to provide passage for crewmen and passengers during the sinking of the vessel as Third Class accommodations were located in this area. However, it is more than likely that the key served another important function. On day nine of the U.S. Senate Inquiry into the disaster, Titanic steward Henry S. Etches testified, in part, as follows: Mit diesem Schlüssel für das E-Deck der „Titanic“gelangte der Steward Edmund Stone in jene Gänge des Schiffs, die nur von der Crew betreten werden konnten.