Auf Cthulhus Spur

Gepflegtes Rollenspiel rund um den kriechenden Wahnsinn

Bait Humans

• Cost: 1 magic point• Casting time: 1 round An illusion (visible only to the target) of a fabulously large and beautifully cut […]

Become Spectral

Cost: 1 magic point per round of duration1D4 Sanity pointsCasting time: 1 round Hides the caster from mundane observers by shifting his or […]

Contact Ghoul

Cost: 5 magic points1D3 Sanity pointsCasting time: 1D6+4 rounds Ghouls are found wherever large concentrations of humans are, especially near graveyards and crypts. […]

Wandering Soul

• Cost: variable magic points• 1D4 Sanity points• Casting time: 5 minutes Allows the caster to send forth their consciousness (mind’s eye, soul, […]